Wristlet key fob from unwanted old jeans

Turns out that there is quite a lot of fabric you can get from a pair of old jeans. I have a selection of a few pairs of unwanted jeans when my daughter outgrew them in lockdown and decided to repurpose them into something useful. After making a few zipper pouches from just one leg of her jeans, I was left with enough materials to make more little projects with the other leg. I decided to make something quick and fun that would really complement those zipper pouches ; the wristlet key fobs. These fobs are ridiculously easy to make and they can be completed in 4 simple steps. I call them wristlet key fobs, but they can actually be multipurpose. Attach them to bags for embellishments or perhaps identification. Or clipped to the side of a little pouch as a loop handle. And also, because these fobs are so quick to make, they are perfect scrap busters for last minute gifts. Keep reading if you want to know how to make them.

What you’ll need :

  • A piece of material or scrap measuring 15 inches long x 3.5 inches wide
  • * 1 inch key fob hardware (this is an affiliated link. I receive a small commission when you click on it)

To make the wristlet key fob :

Step 1 : Iron the rectangle in half lengthwise to get a centre mark. Then turn both the outside edges into the centre mark and iron them into place.

Step 2 : Fold the material in half again and sew all four edges with a 1/8 inch seam allowance.

Step 3 : Join the two short sides together and stitch to secure.

Step 4 : Place the key fob hardware at the end of the loop, where the two short sides are joined. Use a pair of pliers to pinch the openings and close it shut. That is it. You are all done!

Step 5 : Should you wish, you could print some patterns on a printable transfer paper and iron them onto your fobs. You could also personalised these with initials or names.

If you are making these wristlet key fobs, please feel free to share your makes with me. You can tag me on Instagram #sewnicelydone. I would really love to see them. Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fely xx

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